Who many will participate during the summer camp? 

In 2011 there where 64 players active during the camp. 2012 we had 154 players. 2013 there where 175 players participating. 2014 the number of players active during Lundalägret was 305. In 2015 we had the first setback with just:) 301 players trying floorball. In 2016 we had 370 players enjoying Lundalägret. In 2017 we had 374 players at LundaLägret and last year (2023) we had 357 players participating at the camp. We hope to set a new participating record in 2024.

What do you have to pay to be a part of the camp?

The Daycamp cost is 205 EUR and the Overnight camp cost is 380 EUR. Included besides the camp activities are food during the camp and one training kit (shorts + t-shirt with printed name + socks all valued 55 EUR) and a possibility to order both individual and group pictures. If you pay a visit to Lunds big mall NOVA Lund then you get 20% off at the sportstore named Intersport, just show your training shirt.

Kids camp will cost 130 EUR and includes the above but no socks and shorts. Though a T-shirt but whitout a name.


During the Day camps it will be served lunch, snack and fruit. Kids camp will be served lunch and fruit.

The Overnight participants will be served breakfast, lunch, snack, dinner and a toast in the evening. When we visit Tivoli in Copenhagen you have to pay your dinner with your pocket money.

When will the camp take place?

Daycamp during w.25, w.26 and w.32. Overnight camp during w.26. Kidscamp during w.26.

Daycamp in  w.25, w.26 and w.32 will take part between monday until thursday.

All will take part between 8:00 until 16:10 during the day camp days.

Overnight camp w.26 will start with accommodation in Polhemskolan at 16:00 sunday and ends att  Polhemskolan at friday 16:00.

Kidscamp begins w.26 monday at 0800 in the morning at Idrottshallen Högevall. It ends friday at 16:00.

What will happen during the camps?

Of course there will be a lot of qualified floorball training, everyone will be guaranteed at least three hours of training each day (a couple of days you will be playing more than three hours). Besides floorball you will be playing soccer, different games at the beach court, floorball in the dark, floorball at a slippery surface, ball bouncer, swimming in Källbybadet, alternative sports and other physical fitness sessions.

Kids camp is all but above but no floorball in the dark and some days not as much floorball.

The overnight participants will take a trip to Copenhagen and Tivoli (amusement park) one of the afternoon/evenings. They windsurf or sail att Lomma beach, visit the adventure waterpark Högevall and play mixed games with IBK Lund senior players. Try Bubble Ball and a lot more things.

Packing list for overnight participants:

Air mattress
Sleeping bag
Padlock for a cupboard at Polhemskolan. To lock valuable things.
Toilet bag (toothbrush, toothpaste, soap, schampoo and more)
Clothes (underpants, socks, trainingsclothes (3 kits including t-shirts, shorts and socks), beachwear and casual wear.
Shoes for booth indoor and outdoor sporting activities.
Floorball kit (including the goalkeeper clothing for goalies)
Pocketmoney for minor purchases and for the visit to Copenhagen amusement park (you get entrance and trip for free). Before traveling to copenhagen you eat breakfast and when we are traveling across the bridge you get a cheese and ham ciabatta. When you register you can preorder an amusement park wristband.

Are you able to leave your child before the activity start each day?

Yes. The activities start at 8 o`clock each day, but organisers will be at the sportgyms at least until 07:40 in the mornings (this offer is for daycamp and kidscamp participants).

Who are Lundalägret welcoming?

All boys and girls born 2008 to 2015 are warmly welcomed. For Kids camp children born in 2015 to 2017. You do not need any floorball experience .


Cancellations after Lundalägret have made their orders (beginning of may camps w.25 and  w. 26 and beginning of june w.32) you get charged 100 Euros (daycamp), 150 Euros (overnight camp) and 60 Euros (Kids camp) in administrative dues, if you can show a doctor´s certificate. Otherwise you will pay the whole registrationfee.

If you have to cancel before Lundalägret have made all orders, there will be an 50 Euros administrative dues.